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Sustainable Tourism Program

Our hotel is included in the scope of the Turkey Sustainable Tourism Program, which was initiated to bring the service quality of accommodation facilities in our country to world standards, regardless of the number of rooms and beds, and is also an environmentally friendly project; T.R. It has started the necessary work for the integration of this program, which was initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism within the process of compliance with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) criteria.

Apart from energy saving, waste separation, recycling, use of environmentally friendly products and zero waste projects, we also aim to provide an accommodation service where our guests feel more peaceful and safe.

In this sense, we are happy to share with you our efforts to exceed world standards. We hope that all these studies will spread quickly by raising awareness, and we strive to prevent global disasters from occurring and to leave a cleaner and more livable world to our children.